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    custom rhinestone transfers


    New York Fashion Week show light extravagant duel Part1

    • Author:Aric
    • Source:www.seaartrhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-02-23

    Tory Burch- a lifestyle brand,
    Many people may know more about her family's shoes and bags,
    In fact, they are the conquest of celebrity clothing girls best weapon.
    She is a socialite, apparel and accessories for sofa fabric, wallpaper, carpet and even 
    the color of the overall control environment,

    Light clothing line on the performance of the owner's taste, there are those exquisite accessories,
    Tory Burch just ten years to create the industry's history is a myth,
    Now the market valuation has reached 3.5 billion US dollars,
    If listed, it will be the fourth-largest US light luxury brands listed company,
    Front three followed Michael Kors market capitalization of $ 14.6 billion, Coach is $ 10.3 billion, Kate Spade is $ 3.9 billion.


    Part 2 is coming soon