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    Paradise Island - Bali!

    • Author:Ann
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-12-30
    Paradise Island - Bali

    Bali, is the most beautiful island in Indonesia. One of the world's top ten sunset at Jimbaran Beach, the famous Tanah Lot, Uluwatu and Essence of art Ubud. Bali island has the fine sand and wide beach, blue sea, thousands of style with beautiful scenery.

    Tanah Lot
    1. One of the three temples of Bali, island tour must-see attractions.
    2. Built on a cliff into the sea, when the tide rises and is isolated with land, exotic landscape.
    3. The most beautiful sunset in Bali, pavilion overlooking the sunsets, very classical and romantic.

    Jin Balan Beach
    1. Look at the romantic sunset at sea and enjoy the short but wonderful relaxing time.
    2. Open-air seafood barbecue at evening is also a major feature.

    Valentine's Cliff
    1. There was an ancient legend of the cliff broken walls, it’s good to overlook the blue sea at the cliff.
    2. With the sunset, enjoy traditional dance performances also would be a special experience.

    Nusa Dua
    1. Check in in a luxury hotel, enjoy Bali's most pristine beaches and clear blue waters.
    2. Full water projects is exciting, sure you'll have fun and sleep well.

    Monkey Forest Park
    The Park is located in a tropical jungle, the park covers an area of 6 hectares, full of lush plant pods which up to 40 meters high. The forest have endemic Balinese macaques. Bali residents believe monkeys monkey god Hanuman’s followers, should be worshiped as gods. So here's the monkey will not be locked up, but backyard. When visitors pass-by, they’ll occasionally check the tourist’s bag, inadvertently stolen they glasses or other accessories from behind, to exchange visitors’ food.

    Kintamani is active volcanoes, altitude 1717 meters, located in the northwest of Bali, the outer image extremely similar to Mount Fuji in Japan but without snow, also is the coolest area of Bali. The mountains are covered with dense tropical rain forest, or planted with lush rice terraces, with many surging streams, everywhere is full of vitality. The lake flat like a mirror, there are many self-service restaurant on the mountains, you can have some wonderful food while enjoying the magnificent scenery.