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    Seaart Holiday

    • Author:kaven
    • Source:http://www.seaartrhinestone.co
    • Release on :2017-05-16
    Today we come to the beautiful city of Huizhou.
    A very beautiful coastal city

    sunshine, beach, beautiful castle.
    When we first get to there...
    Looking forward to a fantastic trip.
    And I heard there have some delicious seafood.
    Squid, pearl, shell,Fish... 

    Let's go swimming~
    Although Few of us can swim,So what?
    Just for fun...
    Our Seafood and beach party start now..
    Do you like swimming?
    Maybe you can choose a nice place like there.

    There is a beautiful castle on the island.
    Where People can rest here, play chess, or be concerned with love and romance.
    Ha,that’s a real good place..
    The beauty places of the island are to much more..

    Once you said that you like the sunset ..
    Hope to be able to accompany with you to see the sunset.
    If you are a nostalgia person.
    This place is right for you.

    Of course we have these lovely colleagues.
    A lot of unexpected things..
    Do you want to join our family?
    With you all , every day will be happiness.

    This is our Leader’s hotel.
    If you are interested in there ,you can book it and start a real vacation.