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    Seals in Canada

    • Author:Pauline
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2016-01-07

    The impressive poses were captured by photographer Gunther Riehle, who was lucky enough to get just feet away from the baby seals on Madeleine Island in Quebec.

    These seal-ebrities from Canada are pictured striking hilarious poses.

    One pup looked straight to the camera with a cheeky wink, while another lay on its back looking longingly at the lens.

    The three Harp seal pups - just days old - were passing time while they waited for their mother to return from hunting.

    The photographer described how one seal was so confident that it came up to him and sniffed his overalls.

    The small seals were not afraid of humans and posed for over an hour for him. When a human approaches them on their belly, they get curious and even approach the human to see whether it's their mum.

    Their behaviour is like that of a human, some are shy, some are aggressive, some are fully relaxed and curious and friendly.

    The seal mum pokes her head above the watering hole to check on her young seal pups. Seal pups are fed by their mums about every two hours - after being weaned by their mum they will have a diet of various fish including carp.

    Seals have acute vision and hearing - especially under water - but their sense of smell is not as sensitive. Harp seals are capable of moving quickly on the ice and can dive to depths of over 270 m.