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    Sequins or Embroidery? Bride dress could be colorful

    • Author:Ann
    • Source:www.seaartrhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-11-16
    Sequins or Embroidery?  Bride dress could be colorful

    Most of bride dress probably are white, because ordinary white dress can exhibit pure spirit of the bride, but stereotyped, similar style dress might not meet those non-traditional bride’s requirment. If you wanna be unique, we need to find a way out and make some changes by color, sequins, embroidery ect.

    If you enjoy colorful, do not want simple white dress, then you can choose a white dress by adding a touch of color, such as pink, orange; if you are more daring, then do not white, but blue, the color gradient would be a good choice!

    Embroiderry design is for those who want to escape the traditional, but not so bold, small and exquisite embroidery embellishment on a white dress, not only seems particular, also show your personality portrayal: sequins embroidery show your childlike, flowers embroidery show your elegance.

    If sequins embroidery can not satisfy you, you can choose a large area of embroidery, but the choice of such a dress, you have to looks strong enough, stylish, or you might not fit in this way.

    If you want to become a unique bride and keep it low-key, you can choose some special materials, color is not so bright; in some details, such as cuffs, collars do some material changes, such as: retro design lace, openwork lace, etc. also can reflect your unique.

    Colorful wedding dress is good for those simple straightforward kind of bride, if you prefer a more dramatic stuff, then you are most suitable for large-print dress - such as red, orange printing, not only reflect your exotic flavor, also set off your complexion.

    Most of bride dress is One-piece, if you like to be different, you can choose as  two-piece dress like Olivia Palermo, not only more comfortable, but also could dress in daily.