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    Sissi dinner,CHANEL returnS to Salzburg

    • Author:Aric
    • Source:Seaart Rhinestone Designs News
    • Release on :2014-12-08

    Sissi dinner,CHANEL returnS to Salzburg

    December 2, 2014, Karl Lagerfeld with a magnificent Rococo palace - Liobodes Cologne castle for the stage, presented Chanel 2014/15 "Paris - Salzburg" Advanced Hand Workshop Series gorgeous feast.

    December 2 at 7:00 pm, the night quietly Salzburg befall a gloomy winter afternoon, misty fog, the adjacent castle Liobodes Cologne warm yellow flashing light, golden shadow casting On the sidewalk outside the castle, house, Karl shows us the new CHANEL a quarter of early autumn series.

    The castle was decorated Liobodes Cologne became Ms. CHANEL another home, it reminds me of Chanel Cambon headquarters No. 31, yellow wallpaper, gilded frames, lacquered furniture piled full of books round-table was covered with a baroque wallpaper, rich fruit and old Victorian candlesticks, a vase of her favorite camellias, you will not suddenly felt the urge to: "If it happens suddenly turned the mirror will not there will be a shadow? Or have heard the sound of Chanel's move, it is not easy to detect approaching you keep up the pace. "

    The High Hand Workshop Series colors colorful scene, the use of the iconic Chanel white, red, navy blue and black, while the integration of dove gray and green forests and other natural tones from the Alps mountains. Karl Lagerfeld ingenuity to interpret the girl from the Alps waist dresses, men's Bavarian leather shorts and many other elements of traditional Austrian emperor Loehr and gives an elegant modern charm.

    The classic Chanel jacket with four pockets, day dresses dresses, umbrella jacket, cape and back pleated long coat. Rich sense of broad-based structural Evening dress with a charming chest decoration, lotus leaf, fold and loose sleeves. Fabrics from Austria Roden (Loden) thick waterproof it, tweed, felt, leather and cashmere, to soft satin, chiffon, taffeta and lace, showing a rich subtle contrast. Leather trim, feathers and delicate embroidery modern Alpine style, becoming exquisite eye-catching embellishment.

    Karl took Gabrielle Bonheur Chanel (Gabrielle Chanel), Ms. memories came to Salzburg, the birthplace of black Chanel suit. This magnificent eighteenth-century rococo palace, Austria - Liobodes Cologne castle for the stage, there is covered castle gems and jewelry, there are idyllic life of the people, here is Wolfgang - Mozart's hometown, here is far from prestigious Music Of all, these are the Ms. Chanel's favorite, but also carries a part of her memory fragments.

    Black suit through the 1950s

    "Elegant clothing that freedom of action," which is often mentioned motto Chanel woman, she will actually apply this philosophy to her classic coat, so, Chanel suit in the fifties Nirvana rebirth. Silk lining, hem side punishable by hand or in a mosaic puzzle at sewing a Phnom Penh, there has been passed down for many years Karl comfort breasted cardigan and standardized Quartet pocket, this all with a small daisy embroidered flowers and decorative buttons, Bottoms is accompanied by in-tube trousers, in fact, you know this is Chanel Black Jacket FHM come.

    This season the show has several improved models Chanel suit, the provincial standardized four pockets, Karl will widen plate box shaped profile, and add Musharraf collar and early 18th century Baroque Renaissance Pankou wheat, they Austrian national style embroidery dresses and handbags combine CHANEL2.55 whole shape more agile and modern.

    Chanel put wheat adolescent self as their lucky sign, remember her apartment in the rue Cambon also stood Daly gave her a pair of "wheat," wheat seen in this series often appear Totem not only to reflect the classic elements of the EU court, but also as a tribute to Karl for a time and there is a Chanel, Karl with time and practice to honor the classic phrase of style forever.

    Waist skirt traditional Austrian Alps girls

    The CHANEL came and arts and culture in one of the fairy tales are Salzburg, which brought a few body shape like a palace maiden temperament, feathers, butterfly caught in between the skirt and sleeves, round Buster - Brown collar, cuffs a little lamb, layers of cake skirt, sparkling jewelry designer ... Austrian aristocratic family style and classic style rub Bali Fan children as a whole, once again demonstrates the Karl The ingenuity of the Department.

    Pants and popular narrow shoulders in the tube pants suit +

    Chanel This is FHM's argument surely we already know, these look reminiscent of Chanel in the design of the First World War, the women dressed in long, wide leg pants can freely swing posture, neat Peace narrow shoulders suit top hat is really small, like most of her borrowed from the Duke of Westminster, where the clothes are so capable and comfortable, jewelry and flowers in front of a large string neckline but faint proved that indelible playfully CHANEL style.

    Wide leg pants mix and match, you play from it? Followed quickly learn CHANEL show up!

    Timeless knit suits and tweed

    Since 2002, every year choose a ChanelBrandClosely linked to the history of the city as the theme, attracted creation Advanced Hand Workshop series, most can not be ignored is the tweed fabrics and knitted suits, they are decorated with grosgrain trim and gilt buttons, the buttons which also carved the famous symbolic Symbols - camellias, Lionhead and star pattern, they are either embroidered on the sweater, or to be used in gloves and decorative accessories, and everywhere, has been engraved in the CHANEL brand bones.

    Chanel Black's Law

    "I was so loved black, its power, through time and space, sweeping everything," Ms. Chanel case said, Chanel will always be a variety of materials used black, black satin, black leather, black chiffon, crape, black cotton, black cashmere, black velvet ...... they are different forms of permutations and combinations, neat lines, vine-like arc also romantic ruffles and long broad ribbon waist, adding jeweled accessories. " Black Widow "image quietly born.

    Lozenge has finally been put on the clothes, the puzzle line process is definitely better than the neat little bag, the word shoulder, stand on another sleeves, decorative stars Brown collar, velvet texture and metal neck necklace, white socks with black shoes This improved over a little black dress as people how can we not love?

    New national romanticism recycling Sissi

    Between 1955-1957, was born in Vienna, actress Romy - Schneider plays the heroine in the "Sissi" trilogy, the Chanel suit their style to build a small popular. Karl is now a "rebirth" microThe film Chanel suit to reproduce the soul of Sissi, the movie as a clue to reproduce the old coat CHANEL style of the 1950s, the show in the last few look as if trying to reinvent Sissy modern styling, coupled with the classic dress for embroidery printing released early autumn season made a final finishing touch.

    Chanel suit in which men lived in God and meat

    On December 2 just concluded a series of high-level conference Chanel2015 early autumn, a familiar face again Tell me who in the field of vision. He is only five years old Lafayette adopted son Hudson Kroenig, this was his sixth consecutive CHANEL boarded the stage.

    The series are a number of fine men's series, color and more into a steady red and green color saturation, there is no lack of men capable of exquisite black jacket, presumably this is Karl doing to himself and his love to wear it, warm men swarmed plot heart.