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    Six most style skirt in Classic Movies (c)

    • Author:Tank
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-05-20
        The real romantic movie, than dance plot orgasm. Compared to more languages,DanceLet the movie theme and story have been sublimated. That dance, that one dress, and some intense despair, some warm and cheerful, with the combination of fashion and emotion, fashion and film, let us once again enjoy those movies in the fashion rhythm.

    Mirror Mirror
        Most have dubbed Snow White Bollywood style, no matter who becomes the Julia Roberts movie focus, but understandable, Lily Collins makes the most lively and joyful Snow White image. In fact, all the dramatic movie-style, all from the Japanese designer Eiko Ishioka. Who worked hard to imagine Dracula, Björk making grotesque personality costume designer to join the classics like Snow WhiteDisneyThe cinema.

        No matter how much the story changed by the outcome of the reunion can always imagine. The song "I believe in love", so that people will always remember the blue veil that bounce, orange bow exaggerated Puff Sleeve, large creases, Musharraf imitation lace collar and behind. The whole shape of bold color, both with original fantasy girl exaggerated, but also with a strange sense of irony and whimsy of the designer Eiko.

    Scent of A Woman

        Romantic feelings for classical suits particularly fascinated by the designer Aude Bronson Howard who "Meet Joe Black" and other films designed clothing. Although the actor is set to play Colonel Frank is not so conform imagine the hearts of young girls, but through his sense of smell to find Donna, and with the interpretation of a film in the history of tango pinnacle.

        Hot and sexy Smiths different, this film is adapted from the work of 74 years in Italy, more gentle and beautiful classical temperament reflected. Young Gabrielle Anwar wearing suspenders black skirt, plus a pair of black stockings, and a suit of Al Pacino dance happens, the tango between the highest wisdom that men and women struggle to deduce the taste of the late 1990s.