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    Six most style skirt in Classic Movies (a)

    • Author:Tank
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-05-06
        The real romantic movie, the dance is the orgasm plot. Compared to more languages, dance and drama to make movie themes have been sublimated. That dance, that one dress, and some intense despair, some warm and cheerful, with the combination of fashion and emotion, fashion and film, let us once again enjoy those movies in the fashion rhythm.

    Mr and Mrs Smith

         Adapted from Hitchcock's novel, "Smith" is the most eclectic of the early 21st century Hollywood. Even as the male and female sex goddess Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are public gods play outside Trick fire, fall in love. This is all a Latin dance and drama chic neat tango inseparable encounter when Colombia play.

         Michael Kaplan do the costume design clothing for Fight Club, specializes in the design minimalist modern style. Faced with Angelina good shape, it is to a large subtraction. In Mando Bongo in slow Latin dance, Angelina Plus Pack a white corset dress, loose buttons exposed healthy wheat color. After the "Assassin's Tango" of music, the dance couple of assassins large playing coloratura, coupled with Angelina Jolie's high-slit black V-neck dress, the queen temperament full expression.

    Fanfan &  Alexandre

        In 1993, the young Sophie Marceau brought Fanfan who is a dance touching, innocent and lovely female characters to people's eyes. Sophie's youth and enthusiasm so that the audience can not help but sigh, she is Fanfan. And actor tangled different views on love, Fanfan sexual, emotional and dance are so healthy and innocent.

        Has demonstrated in "If the shoe fits, L'ange Noir" in stage costume for myself ability to control designers Lyvia D'Alche climax of the play "Lesvalses de Vienne" dance designed a great 19 century romanticism white veil off the shoulder neck show Sophie same good lines and chest line.In her 19th-century Russian nobility mature Midsummer Night's Dream in black dresses and keep her noble white suit, this one simple veil Pompon texture and relaxed bow lace, best meet Her French romantic.

    To be continued