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    custom rhinestone transfers
    custom rhinestone transfers


    Starbucks cup fantasy adventure

    • Author:Fred
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-02-06
    Rhinestone transfer, custom transfer design, wholesale strass artwork  - Seaart
    Tomoko Shintani Starbucks Cup Sketch art, manga division Tomoko Shintani created a group full of small fresh, Love Adventure and fantasy scenes, he will Starbucks cups into the creation and let the story in the paper with a cup spread.
    little girl And small sheep

     little girl and Bear

    Two years ago, the creation of the new Valley Tomoko been reproduced many sites, has a good crowd of fans, and he would continue to create this area on Instagram website attracted more than 40,000 fans, his creation of this group is from 2011, one day because to pass the time at Starbucks arbitrary creation, very casual posted on Instagram website, did not expect to receive many people's favorite.

    tour in my dream Like the Fish

    This moment is enough

    Casual sketch, a simple outline, cute Children Paper Will appear. Starbucks cup in a dream scene looked down, it was a very warm memories, there is a sweet feeling.

    My heart is in you yet

    I miss you forever

    You have been an increase this simple but sweet picture touched it, very intimate wood there? ?

    I want to hear you sing