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    Ten best travel city in 2016 (2)

    • Author:Pauline
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-11-23
    No. 4 Penang, Malaysia
    It is simply a version of heaven!
    As long as you walk in penang, will see stalls selling food or food center, version can't miss it?
    Here is one of the most famous seaside resorts to the bardo Ding Yi beach, after a meal, to bask in the sunshine on the beach, take a small step, holiday's life should be so nice!
    Penang penang mountain railway is the only cable car system in Malaysia, saying the cable car is like from the fairy tale world?By cable car can reach the famous scenic spot in this lovely flag-raising mountain.
    Of course also can't miss these eye-catching mural, lady, beautiful, has become the city's scenery!

    No. 5 Rotterdam, The Netherlands

    To experience the European Capital of Culture

    This is one with "Swan Bridge," the reputation of Erasmus Bridge, is a sign of Rotterdam, was named one of the 13 world's most beautiful bridge.

    Kinderdijk is the most representative of the Dutch landscape. It can be said that the typical model of the Dutch landscape. If come here in July and August, then you must remember coming here to watch the 19 rotating windmill together on Saturday, How spectacular!

    Like a Rubik's Cube as a small house, a unique three-dimensional modeling Cube House attract the attention of tourists, which the Cube House in 38 51 private homes, rest some schools, cafes, restaurants, clothing stores and the like. Would you like to come and check?

    Europe also called Euromast tower, located in Rotterdam, the Netherlands is a concrete tower is a symbol of Rotterdam and the famous attractions.

    Rotterdam minimundus is the world's largest indoor miniature landscape, where this style of Rotterdam's city life show in your eyes. Cityscape, coastal silt field, the harbor is made all models, panoramic view.

    NO.6 Mumbai, India
    Beautiful Bay City

    Mumbai is India's largest and most diverse city, in the open and enjoy your journey!

    Chhatrapati Shivaji is (formerly Victoria Station) known as the world's most beautiful train station, just as gorgeous as the castle, to a certain place, it is simply the Palace Station!

    Romantic Arabian Sea coastline, which is located in Mumbai's business center.
    Night, standing height you can watch the distant Empire Tower, this bustling feel of the city at night.

    Standing over 130-meter-high building is experience, you dare to challenge? It is ranked 20 in Mumbai before tallest building.

    There have also come down at the bustling place, which is Dharavi slum, which is Asia's largest slum has more than one million inhabitants. Seen their difficult life, perhaps you are in dire straits have now also thankful life is so happy!