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    Ten cool concept motorcycles 2

    • Author:Fred
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-01-26
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    "Everyone likes to ride Motorcycle . With innovative technology, we will see some unique new concept Motorcycle. Although very beautiful, but these concepts  motorcycle have a common tendency - from imagination to reality. These motorcycle  you probably have never seen before, of course, these may be appear in the road in the future.

    5, Peraves Monotracer
    Peraves Monotracer is a completely sealed sport motorcycles, with dynamics of appearance and low fuel consumption. ItSwiss version Ecomobile.

    4, Bombadier Embrio
    Bombadier Embrio unicycle robot was made in 2003. It is still just a concept. Even if produced, in 2025 can not be put into market. It is a hydrogen fuel cell electric wheel barrow, with High-speed driving ability.

    3, Batpod
    In the middle of the night we can see it right? The Batpod by Nathan Crowley and Chong movie, there is a high-performance, cold water, Single-cylinder engine, while the low-end power for quick acceleration, unvented.

    2, Dodge Tomahawk
    Dodge Tomahawk is manufactured by Dodge concept car. It in 2003 USA Launch of the Detroit auto show.

    1, Confederate Renovatio
    Confederate Motorcycles Confederate Renovatio from the United States has a radical design concept. It is designed by the famousTeacher Ed Jacobs designs. It looks simple, at the show to show a good motorcycle mechanical components.