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    The 18 most romantic wedding arch

    • Author:Pauline
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-02-03
    The wedding always can see a special door -- wedding arch. It is not only beautiful equipment, together with the meaning of happiness. Each couple married when they expect personal married the day  with sweet harmony, so we are interested in building a such symbolic gate. Below we have a look together different styles of the 18 romantic wedding arch: let us here solemnly swear!

    When the Wedding host says: ladies and gentlemen, at this moment, I think the mood of all the distinguished guests are same with me, all is carries excitement, anticipation, waiting for today’s bride and groom, let all eyes focused on the door of happiness, and in the most warm applause to welcome our two rookie into this holy wedding hall.

    At the moment I think the bride and groom will have a word to say to each other, so now let two people turned around, the relative standing, looking at each other's eyes, the bridegroom asked you took the bride's hand, say the true love in front of everyone. 

    Sir, when you hand set her hand, from this moment on, regardless of poverty and wealth, health and disease, you will care for her, protect her, cherish her, protect her, to understand her, respect her and take care of her, she accompanied her, humility, one's whole life, until forever, will you? (I would) applause for the groom to witness! Woman, when you are holding his hand, from this moment, whether poor or rich, healthy or disease, you will be loyal to him, support him, help him, comfort him, to accompany him, one's whole life, until forever, will you? (I would). Applause witness!