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    The Morocco free style

    • Author:Pauline
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-10-13
    2016 spring and summer Beckhams began to develop towards relax and fresh, all the Earth people know Beckhams insisted the body curve style - can not wait for each photo are put into perspective to show off their most classic perfect curve of her birth to four baby, after each piece of clothing have sought to highlight women's S-shaped profile, but this season, there is no reason, she liberated his state of tension, perhaps because she finally realized that not every woman like her to pursuit perfection, few people can wear the significant figure clothes.

    Victoria Beckham choose to make their own cards Victoria, Victoria Beckham released at home, where she can more easily sway herself, when in the background interview, she said: "This season's inspiration actually comes from Marrakech, Morocco, we celebrated David's birthday there, which is really like a fairy tale, Morocco blue left me a deep impression, it became my muse of this season, and there's loose clothing, but also gives me great inspiration. "

    Morocco unique urban tone is called "Moroccan blue"

    Yes, Morocco is a source of inspiration for many designers, such as Yves Saint Laurent and Alber Elbaz, now letting Beckhams aesthetic more than a layer realized, she said: "The whole of New York during the week I have been a loose shawl coat strolled, very comfortable, and move up the hem fluctuate very style. "how do you say, she finally understood not only the S shape is beautiful.

    So, this season's Victoria, Victoria Beckham made Moroccan blue tone, filled full of English-style printing, small A profile shape so that the whole family was filled with young girls breath, paper-cut type printing, children's drawings like cartoon printing, also there studded lace three-dimensional flowers, raise a lot of practical sense, the entire series will feel the atmosphere of Relax, that's right, in addition to the British always playfully poser, but also there are pastoral style liberal pursuit.