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    The Pink Metro

    • Author:Kaven
    • Release on :2017-05-09
    Recently, the Shenzhen subway opened the express train, will run for 1 months, in line 1, May 8th start, day tour travel, including single special car. To love people that thousands of parents in the confession, confession to the students. Friends said: "single is so bad "
    In May 8th, a user  released a video on micro-blog, in the subway car, on the ground of the words "students, feel the opposite looks like your next girlfriend." then he looked up and saw a sleeping aunt. At the same time, users released the  microblogging "meet express train", and with the four pink subway car pictures. Originally, it is first of the Shenzhen subway car express train, today officially start!

    On the subway that collected from Shenzhen and Shenzhen Metro teams chowhound fans, to love people that there are parents of students of the confession,  but also on the Shenzhen confession

    Is there someone in the car that will tell you what you're doing?
    Of course, there is also little chowhound eyes of Shenzhen.
    6 cars in the car, one of which is designed to be a single car, maybe you can meet her here?

    Hello everyone! I'm single!
    Shenzhen to open up the subway, car pink girl heart! 
    Hers confession, you see it? 

    It is reported that the express train will run for 1 months in Shenzhen Metro Line 1, day tour travel, to meet people all have good luck! The departure time: May 6th test run, May 8th officially start the train .
    running time: one month