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    custom rhinestone transfers
    custom rhinestone transfers


    The fashion of beautiful clothing with white shoes

    • Author:Fred
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-03-16
    Rhinestone transfers, rhinestone designs, custom and wholesale China factory - Seaart
    Local time on March 8, Celine 2015 conference in the autumn and winter series Paris Hold. Spring and summer Flowers Elements of continuity, is Celine's understated cool style; using stitching leather skirt and tweed fabrics, highlighting women Celine texture ultimate pursuit.

    In the 2015 Winter Paris Fashion Week, an gentle wind into the atmosphere has always been simple Celine show. Spring flowers elements continued, Celine style is low-key calm; the use of stitching leather skirt and tweed fabrics, highlighting women Celine texture ultimate pursuit. High waist skirt-coat, collar, cuffs and hem fur decoration, lady full range of children. Warm orange tone to join, so much warm clothing this season and vitality California girl style. Unicorn, Kitty Celine animals rarely use these elements, so do not add fun shirt and cape.

    Phoebe Philo said: "to express themselves through fashion is a privilege." Celine is the perfect season's motto of achieving this. Without always sharp, occasionally expose the tender anyway; as long as comfortable, casual, fashion that is at your fingertips.

    In this series of clothing, the designer once again demonstrated perfect harmony and unity between products, unique shoulder bag design, both as casual mix of models, but also like a well-designed, all the clothing from the perfect blend of color to the material, simple and the atmosphere, while convenient and practical, reflecting a female joy independent intellectual unique and elegant style.

    Winter is to have shares of effort,  This series is the most bright spots these sets of cotton dress Rongrong, and indeed, it is beautiful, but it makes the most pleasant surprise is its fabric design, with the previous series in extremely rare Celine will give the overall visual changes bring new pressure cotton silk, the designers of this seemingly elegant luxury fabrics into a fresh range of children, the use of a connection between the clothes round button will unlock button every time , is a very interesting innovation.