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    The fashion road of star designer

    • Author:Fred
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-01-06
    There are many beauties and topics in the fashion circle. But it changed very soon, if you want to be the top Vogue Capturer, you should get the title of fashion. Increasiong your level, you could not just depend on your face. Today, fashion and the vogue pitch into each other, lots of star want to join this fashion world. Even they are named the star designer, but if they want to keep moving, they need to try their best.

    December 16, 2014, Rihanna was appointed creative director of Puma 

    The news came earlier about the cooperation between Rihanna and Puma, has finally officially implement it! Puma announced invite Rihanna as creative director of the brand, and together as a global brand ambassador for Puma and Usain Bolt, Balotelli. It is reported that a few days ago and arm Rihanna creative design team met for the first time meeting together. 


    Puma sources, Rihanna will join the new creative design elements in the original design on the basis of the brand. Puma CEO said Rihanna is an aspiring singer, and this is the biggest factor in the success of her career, and its history, charisma and personality are a perfect fit for the brand image, so their cooperation is very smooth. 

    Domestic actress 

    November 26, 2014, Gao Yuanyuan 

    National Goddess, Gao Yuanyuan also achieved the designer's dream in 2014. And she said in an interview that her success also attributed Nicholas's encouragement.  

    Yuan Yang single product 

    August 19, 2013, Taipei

    Angela shooting ads for her own brand footwear

    More wonderful news would be continue, keep eyes on SeaArt!!