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    The most beautiful wedding veil makes you outstanding

    • Author:Tank
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-06-03

        When the groom waiting at the end of the corridor handle arm father of the bride walking slowly, he took the hand of love from his father, as she lifted the veil before, this is the most romantic present. Today we offer is how to wear and what style to wear the veil in order to make the bride more beautiful, so that the veil is lifted to the moment of stunning the audience!

    Beautiful bridal veil: Length yarn to yarn for a long jacket short

        Now the veil Changchangduanduan, many styles. Whether long or short veil pretty veil look good? In fact, inconclusive. The primary principle of the veil as an important embellishment of the head, according to wedding style choice is to match. The general principle is phase shifted and the length of the wedding.

        If you choose and place of wedding, you can choose 3-4 meter long section of the veil, behind the formation of a nice "little tail" grand extravagance for wedding look. But if your choice is a long tail of the wedding, it is best not to use too long veil. In general, the long tail wedding decorations focus on the waist, buttocks, these areas tend to have a lot of decorations, long veil will cover priorities for this type of wedding, it is recommended not to exceed the waist length veil as well .

    Beautiful bridal veil: Choose veil hair styles according to

        On style, the veil into monolayer and multilayer. Both veil convey the feeling is completely different. For example, a short section of multi-layered visual effect is Peng veil, more suitable temperament cute, petite bride, you can look cute and lively. And a short paragraph veil'll face from the visual look small. It is worth recalling that, although this type of veil face can seem small, but not for plump bride, will appear on the upper part too, but the trade-off.

        Single layer veil is the most common veil is less error-prone veil, almost everyone for such a veil. And especially for a single-layer veil voluptuous bride, have elongated shape of the visual effects.

        In general, if the hair is more complex, to try to select a simple style veil, and if your veil is complex, hair should be concise, focus on the visual highlight of the veil.

        For the bride, in fact, the two styles of veil a try, such as put together a morning wedding, you can choose some complicated hair, weakening the veil. The evening wedding, you can change a simple hairstyle accompanied by a solemn veil, seemed more formal.

    Beautiful bridal veil: hair bow made of yarn also lower draped from head ubiquitous ball

        Pick a good veil, the next question is how to wear. This is actually quite an art, not only according to hairstyle to wear, but also according to the bride's body to wear. If the body is relatively little crush, we do not recommend wearing gauze head too low, otherwise it will make people look shorter.

        Hairstyle, it is now a popular Korean hairstyles attention from the series to the next. Such yarn hair should wear a head too low, even negligible part of the veil, projecting a sense of style the hair.

        If you choose to put on hair, then the veil from head ubiquitous ball better, so easy to create a sense of fantasy princess. If you want to create a feeling of ladies, preferably a relatively low bun plate, his head a little in the back of yarn wearing a low position. This belongs to the Korean bridal dress costume, look dignified and elegant. Now, there is a very popular Audrey Hepburn, that the head of a packet header comb, hair is suitable for this type of yarn wearing head along at under contract.

        There brides like twisted to one side of the bun, the best head in the direction of such yarns and bun hairstyle consistent. Thus, in the white gauze against the background, hair will become more beautiful.