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    The new superstar of cat's world

    • Author:tank / sunny
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-01-13

    Recently,Banye the Turkish cat became the superstar of cat's crazy fans, its birthmark makes her famous! Just because there is a block on the mouth and black pattern , pudgy eyes with interest birthmark into a funny face,makes the British Shorthair Cat famous.

    British Shorthair has a long history, but the exactly time of this kind of cat be welcomed is the early 20th century. The cat chubby body, stubby limbs, hair is short and dense, the first big round face, big round eyes and presented in accordance with different hair colors.

    We don't know much background of Banye now, we only know her was born on June 14, 2003, and now she is 11 years old. The constellation of Banye is Gemini like most of us,I guess this is the reason why her looks so funny.

    Owners upload Banye's photos to the net, that makes a widely discussing between netizens about all Banye cute funny surprised expression! If Banye can talk,she should be tempted to want to complain, "That was my birthmark! Meow."