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    The platinum or black a skirt let you "Chou" internal injuries

    • Author:Pauline
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-02-28
    From the beginning of last night, "the color of a skirt" attracted the world's attention in the network ,"Platinum" party and "Blue & black" party quickly set off a fierce eye test, I believe you still have a good eyes,so come here and discuss what color is this skirt? 

    Duang to read after careful change your view of the world. Color is one of the way for people to judge appearance of things, all of course,everyone has their own different perspective to judge the things, but because of the color of a skirt can let users in the line to also does not see more.Can you points out clear? 

    From a group of survey data of a foreign web sites, 75% of Internet users see a white and gold, while only 25% of users to see the blue and black, what is the cause of color difference so big? 

    From the medical point of view, for different items color judgment is due to human eye sensitivity to light, that is to say if you see is blue and black color collocation, Explain your retina has a more healthy and have a strong ability to identify the color, so the eyes to see the color of the subtractive process so as to obtain the true colors. 

    And if you see a white and gold color collocation, then explain the retina for weak light discrimination ability is not very good, so naturally do addition process, we can automatically adjust the brightness to test mobile phone. 

    This skirt is blue black color. It is produced "ambiguity vision" in the fashion circle has occurred, although no top skirt this "magic",but the three-dimensional printing and changing complex tone is to see people pretty drunk, "cat said the it is a cat, dog said design like a dog", not on the Saint Martin people really dare not defined.

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