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    "The secret of Victoria" come you need to know these "secret"

    • Author:Pauline
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-11-05
    One of the most important Fashion Victoria's secret show is just around the corner, is your favorite popular supermodel to be included? Who will get the Fantasy Treasure bra this year? Who is "the oldest" angel in secret history? Will Rihanna come or not? Vogue to serve on this most precious and answer you all curious to Victoria's secret, sure I will be surprise to see you last.

    Who will get the Fantasy Bra?

    2015 "bright fireworks fantasy bra" worth $two million, 6500 precious gems by 18 k gold shell inlaid. In fact, as early as last month has been predicted by fans "bra" for this year will be for Lily, because in all level angel only Lily and Behati hasn't had a fantasy bra.This is Lily Aldridge seventh on d the runway, is also the first time she put on a Fantasy Bra.

    Victoria's secret celebrate birthday this year at home 

    "The oldest" angel who is the most reluctant to leave the Victoria's secret

    The show is also their concert

    Exposure of the manuscript a snapshot of beautiful bra

    The modeling of three early exposure sketch let us for the upcoming big show and added a few minutes looking forward to.Among them, the Portrait of an Angel, Fireworks, and Ice Angel of the three sets of modeling is big old show finale.The peacock feather quill, crystal tassels hem and exaggerated jewelry design details indicates it will be a wonderful visual feast.