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    The secret of pleated skirt

    • Author:Sunny
    • Source:www.seaartrhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-03-06
    Welcome to the Seaart news channel, Here is Sunny! Bring new energy to you!

    Kaori Kato creative design pleated Calendar

    For calendar Everyone commonplace now, but Japan's Kaori Kato (Kaori Kato) since 2013 designed by a student pleated calendar has now been more than a year, not only did not stop, but a new kind of mid-2015 calendar design came out, it can be said that workers hidden little secret of the best tools.


    Kaori Kato note paper this group is defined as a "pass only you and me know the secret message." After writing the skirt back cover posted on the other side of the table, can be used to convey the intimacy of love, then login password or corporate servers, Or is a personal event reminders, in short all that needs to be hiding in the secret message can be written in the calendar on the last one.

    I wish all my friends Happy Goat Year !