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    The unique Angle of view -------Urban landscape

    • Author:dove
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-01-12

    Welcome to  Seaart News Channel,which ushered in a new week!
    See the world from another Angle, and maybe you can get unexpected discovery.
    Paris is called the "dream city".Photographers use a very different point of view of the arc DE triomphe, then the whole city showed different amorous senery.

    Modern technology  create a myth of the east, dubai, which doesn't even have a telephone in the early 1950 s, and now it has become the world's most affluent cities.

    The city is related to the great architect Antonio & middot.Photographer strive to put all famous buildings  in the process of aerial to highlights the beauty of urban design. the holy family cathedral  in the middle of picture has been built since 1882, but until now have not completed.

    4. New York
    Images of the green area is the central parkthat  that the idle new yorkers like best to go to ,which is  larger than the principality of Monaco.And surrounding buildings in central park formed at the center of the city, Manhattan, New York.

    The city has a long history giving people generally warm feeling.Prague's romantic streets, churches, palaces, square, garden with the attitude of a warm welcoming to visitors all over the world.

    Although the golden gate bridge in San Francisco is enveloped by fog in most of the time , the photographer captured the whole view of it

    Sydney opera house and harbour bridge Panoramic is under the whole view .In addition to the unique appearance, the Sydney opera house also is famous for its long history building global - biganing to build in the 1960 s, until 1973 to finish.

    Because of the law to ban all red square and the kremlin's behavior and  to take pictures of the centre of Moscow's red square and the kremlin, photographers even apply to the Russian President vladimir putin, so it had now appeared in front of our eyes.

    9.Las vegas
    In the desert  gambling heaven, Las Vegas ,because of the law banning, the most famous streets casinos are everywhere, which are outside not in the heart of the city.

    10.Rio DE janeiro
    Although the city has a lot of slums, photographers avoid these places and conceal flaws, presenting a perfect city for our style