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    The wall of love in Paris

    • Author:Pauline
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-01-17
    You and I must never desecrate that word.
    Let us not forget our vow before God.
    I want your most tender love
    To wrap around my heart like plantain peel
    And your love as strong as pure steel
    To build a wall in the flux of life.
    Let the autumn wind cover the garden with sere leaves,
    Let termites eat away carved pillars a thousand years old.
    Even if a lightning bolt shattered the universe one day,
    It could not shatter our freedom behind the wall of love.

    Xu Zhimo write this poem in Florence in 1925, certainly he must be didn't expect that in Paris's Montmartre build a wall of love Le Mur des JE t'aime 75 years later. The LP recommended the walls of love as one of date destination this year Valentine's Day.

    Montmartre is the youngest district of Paris's, but full of legend. Here is the holy tall church Sacre Coeur, painters gathered in the place Du Tertre, peacefulness of Moulin Rouge, there are filled with 300 kinds of language "I love you" on the wall of love. Walk through the Highlands, a bit like the West Lake in Hangzhou. Each building and each piece of the back of the house may have a legend story or celebrity background.

    Leave visitors intensive region near the Church of the sacred heart, in the winding path searching celebrity footprints. We arrived at the subway station exit Abbesses. On the so-called Paris the most beautiful subway station, have seen a description: the beautiful green cast iron arches stand quietly, , lingering twisting, this is a subway arch in Paris where all can not see, it is not a shelter, without even a little practical value, so and aestheticism, literary gas.

    The wall of love is about 40 square meters, is composed of 511 pieces of rectangular tiles specifications for 21x 29.7 cm Dk. blue paste, ceramic tile with 311 languages and dialects in handwriting filled with a sentence "I love you": I love you (English), JE t'aime (French), amo (Ti the language of Italy), ICH Liebe dich (German).  As Chinese visitors, you can first from the left wall of the look, where you can find a vertical three Chinese characters "I love you", the word "love" is the traditional.

    Over the wall there is a cartoon, painting a woman wearing a dark blue dress, reclining on a small table beside, draw a line of small print wrote: "Soyons raisonnable, exigeons l'impossible" 

    Many Chinese site includes Wikipedia are translated into: keep your mind, do not importune. But also think that this translation is que stionable. This sentence is quite backing words is the earliest Soyons réalistes:demandons l’impossible”  English is translated into s be realistic/reasonable: demand the impossible. With Chinese is let us face the reality: to challenge the impossible.

    On the wall of densely packed between the lines, dotted with different shapes of red color, it is said that these color metaphors broken heart, author hoping to use pure and beautiful love to re heal this have a broken heart spread in love. Completed in 2001 at the wall of Valentine's Day ceremony, 100 pigeons fly into the blue sky, to express is the people to yearn for peace and love.