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    The world's 10 most expensive diamond

    • Author:Pauline
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-09-23
    In the past, a symbol of love and loyalty of the diamond has not been universal, its collections are mostly king or dignitaries. Now, those who originally housed in the Royal Palace, the official residence of the diamonds brought to light in the auction is chasing the world, a light one million US dollars turnover, heavy priceless!

    Top 10 The Allnatt Diamond
    Ten of the world's most expensive diamonds, there are six colorful diamond. Most diamond  are dark color, the color of moderate to strong saturation of bright colored diamonds are extremely rare, diamond GIA certified hereinafter referred to as "brilliant color", it is the supreme grade.

    TOP9 The Moussaieff Red Diamond
    This red is authenticated by the GIA, it is brilliant diamond, is the largest red diamond

    TOP8 The Heart of Eternity  
    A diamond from South Africa, weighing 27.64 kt (5.528 g), through GIA certified as brilliant color Blue Diamond, currently belongs to the world's largest diamond company De Beers

    TOP7 Wittelsbach Diamond  
    The weight is heavier than the previous one, the value is also higher. Wittelsbach blue diamond weight 35.36 kt (7.11 g), is the King of Bavaria on the Austrian crown inlaid stones, glamorous level comparable "Hope Heart"

    TOP6  The Steinmetz Pink
    The diamond will be liked by many women! It is a weight of about 50.60 karats (11.92 g) of the pink diamond, GIA certified as Ying Choi, is currently the world's largest pink diamond brilliant color

    TOP5 De Beers Centenary Diamond
    It weighs about 54.77 karats of diamond is GIA certified as the highest level of D grade

    TOP4 The Hope Diamond

    The Hope diamond’s weigh is about 45.52 kt (9.10 g), a quick glance is blue, but under ultraviolet light, red light will be thrown! Very devil of a diamond, currently hiding in Washington Smith National Museum of Natural History. 

    TOP3 The Cullinan 
    The biggest rough diamond, after grinding, became today's "Cullinan", weighing about 310,675 kt (621.35 g).

    TOP2 The Sancy Diamond

    It is a weight of about 55.23 karats (11.05 g) as yellow diamonds. However, cutting its master more love lazy, put it into a plane of symmetry. It originally belonged to Burgundy "bold Charles" Duke, but when he lost to war, now kept in the Louvre, France.

    TOP1 Koh-I-Noor
    Andhra Pradesh, India produced from the mine, "Mountain of Light" diamond weighing approximately 105 kt (21.6 g), was Sikh, Mughal emperor and the Persian Empire, has owned three. Currently all owned by the British royal family, was placed in the Tower of London.