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    This is the life I want

    • Author:Sunny / Tank
    • Source:www.seaartrhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-01-09
    My darling friends, We meet again on SeaArt news channel!
    I'm so happy.Because today is Friday ...

    There is a problem,has been want to ask you: What kind of life do you really want?

    Then a group of pictures to show you the life of fashion 2015

    I love the Nature

    The natural resting place at the foot of the large mountain

    I love working with the steady stream brook photo

    Haven't go to see a waterfall

    The products of neckline can give Seaart to help us designing

    The fish is became the protagonist of fashion

    The Desert

    I always like to live in harmony with you

    With a hint of sadness...

    Come to a lot of cute kids

    This is what I want in life

    Spring 2015 This is the life I want

    I Love three things in this world:sun,moon and you .Sun for morning,moom for night,and you forever.