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    custom rhinestone transfers


    This year's hottest skirt take the law!

    • Author:Rita
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-04-02
    Sheds: my sweetest
    Solid color chiffon shirt or T + sheds sweet temperament is a major highlight to justice

     This skirt of Blair Eadie is full WoW sister logo shape especially in the spring, if more fancy skirt, shoes, make more low-key as possible.

    Big Yuanqun: Street beat necessary

    Had to mention a big mouth Yuanqun queen, blogger Blair Eadie, knitting / T-shirt / shirt with Yuanqun mention, ankle lace heels + big Yuanqun can lengthen the leg line Oh! But also can not grab the paper dress limelight.

    Another Yuanqun king is Vietnamese-- Wendy Nguyen, she specializes in plain tunic + Yuanqun style

    If you want extra coat in large Yuanqun, please choose a short paragraph!

    But most effort of Yuanqun ride law is arranged a white shirt, like Hepburn Déjà vu, remember to roll up the sleeves!

    the word skirt, with a suit, or with a shirt can be fine, but because it is almost the width of the top and bottom of modified legs were no major role in the Tuicu sister cautious.
    Kerr skirt with the law: suit + heels + within plain ride.

    Other semi-dresses
    Such as , King casual denim skirt, a jacket or a denim is tastefully.