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    Top Ten Restaurants in US

    • Author:Ann
    • Source:www.seaartrhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-11-09

    Top Ten Restaurants in US


    Whenever we think of the best restaurant, what would you 

    say? Elegant decor, great location, great tasty food or 

    extremely expensive prices? Come on! Your aesthetic are so 

    out of date! Take a look at the list of  "2015 Annual Top Ten 

    Restaurant of USA", and quickly update the perfect restaurant 

    info now!



    Top 10: Pappa Bros in Dallas, Texas

    Funny thing is, the furnishings just like you are in supermarket,

     beef placing piece by piece. Just tell the waiter which one and 

    how do you like it cooked, then get youself a seat wait for your

     meat.  For restaurants, a lot of people's evaluations was, "This 

    is the best steak I've ever eaten."

    Top 9: Daniel in NY

    This is definitely regarded as one of the most expensive 

    restaurants in New York, but diners feet worth for money.

    Yes! In addition to authentic French cuisine and tasty but 

    creative drinks outside, not to mention the overall design style,

     then to election of every small brick, was personally choosen 

    by well-known designer. So here it is far more than a "beautiful

     restaurant" but more like a relaxed and happy art space.

    Top 8: Chez Panisse in Berkeley, California

    Place like Chez Panisse is a perfect blend of savory meals and 

    French cuisine. Believe or not, elegant sophisticated French 

    cuisine harmonious present with casual American food in one 

    plate, might be personally tasted then can get the fantastic 


    Top 7: Canlis in Seattle, Washington

    In this medieval-style restaurant, besides the wonderful architectural aesthetics, 

    don't ever miss the tasty food. Canlis advocating "near food" 

    concept, all materials comes from the near farms of Seattle, 

    maximum maintain the flavor of food.

    Top 6: Victoria & Albert's in Orlando, Florida

    Although the restaurant located in the Disney vacation hotel, 

    but it doesn't bring a general impression as a hotel restaurant's 

    moderation. Once you taste the desserts here and you'll never 

    forget. Whatever the classic desserts or abstract creativity ideas

     will all bring you a refreshing feeling.


    Top 5: Halls Chophouse in Charleston, Southern California

    In the traditional impression, brunch and afternoon tea 


    be the exquisite dessert with gossip. But in the Halls 

    Chophouse, where afternoon tea is exquisite seafood and 


    Top 4: Uchi in Austin, Texas

    The most popular Japanese Restaurant is located in conservative

     Texas. The chefs here can be described as brain-hole wide 

    open, from asparagus to broccoli, pears from Bacon all could 

    be added into sushi.

    Top 3: Le Bernardin in NY

    Finally, ''The best restaurant" in the traditional sense in this list. Brief  but not simple cooking techniques produced the finest seafood, it is the strength of this Michelin three-star French restaurant. Chef restore the true flavor of the material, the good ingredients fitting well, finale dishes lobster roll was named "Best all of New York."

    Top 2: Alinea in Chicago, Illinois

    Food is always been said as an art. In Alinea, when rendered on dinner plate on table, it is absolutely a work of art. So, do not rush to pick up the knife and fork, just enjoy the moment as in art galleries!

    Top 1: Bouley in NY

    Although was known for the exquisite dishes of French cuisine, but when people describe Bouley, "cordial" is actually the most commonly used words. Whatever the price or food, every dish here both make people feel comfortable. Food is no longer high above, waiting the diners' praise or appreciation,  but return to its most essential sense, just bringing people the pleasure.