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    Twentieth Century women's fitness "automatic"

    • Author:Pauline
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-04-21
    Introduction: Recently, many people in the YouTube or Instagram to see men and women’s fitness video to provide them strength training tips, or find a suitable Cross Fit, the video was made Rick Ross successfully lose weight.

    A female fitness video of the last century and spread like a virus on the internet. The video named “Twentieth Century 90 in female fitness exercises", this ancient viral video is a "fitness" regular exercise, but in fact most of the women are in the sports equipment standing, lying down, it seems funny to modern people, especially compared with the weights, dumbbells, high intensity exercise.

    Modern Women’s  popular fitness

    Yoga -- soft body language 

    Yoga can be used to prevent and cure various diseases. Yoga practice can make the body in a position still maintain for a period of time, so as to achieve the unity of body and mind. Yoga can make the limbs of the body endocrine balance, balanced development, even if sleep time is not very long, can maintain good physical strength.

    Fight -- fast and effective way to lose weight 

    Boxing is the earliest founded by a black boxing champion of the world, this movement will boxing, karate, taekwondo and some dance moves are mixed together, requirements of practitioners with music punch, kick.

    Taekwondo -- find master

    Taekwondo originated in the ancient Korean folk Wu Yi, it is mainly the effort of feet. A lot of people practicing taekwondo is not only to physical health, but also directed at a "cool" to. In the end of the coach station in hand foot target above the waist, the students run a few steps vacated flying kick, side foot hit the target accurately. Actions seem quite dangerous, in Taekwondo turned out to be a piece of cake.

    Latin Dance -- creating the perfect waist hip

    Latin can fully release the mood, relieve pressure, improve body flexibility, strengthen the function of heart and lung. Latin dance when the human condition: the upper part of the body, especially the shoulders should stand firm, is the embodiment of the white culture in Latin dance; The middle part of the body, including the waist and hip should be heartily twist, highlighting the cultural characteristics Africa lively, outgoing; the lower part of the body, legs and feet dance moves are part of absorbed Indian culture.

    Enjoy the step -- on the rhythm

    Step one of calisthenics, requirements of practice for a long time in low intensity, oxygen supply sufficient motion. With the intensity of movement, a movement to accomplish the same energy consumption than on level ground, so that the legs are stronger, muscles more beautiful, can effectively solve the problem of saggy butt.

    If your body is still not satisfied, to choose a slimming exercise! Believe that there must be some of your favorite.