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    Veronika Heilbrunner:Modeling should be an interesting and full of desire

    • Author:candy
    • Source:www.seaartrhinestone.com
    • Release on :2016-08-24
    Fashion editor Veronika Heilbrunner everyone will not be unfamiliar, this type of street beat Sambo: dress, canvas shoes, boyfriend! In addition to the mole on her face and characteristic style of dress became her the best recognizer!

    Exquisite ferret is fire up this summer, sexy backless, broad leg fashion, meets the requirements of various modeling lazy home and modern city.

    In addition to show daily should have the fashionable quality, Veronika Heilbrunner walking baby everyday, playing games daily or even dog daily must be fashionable!

    As the saying goes, "a good memory as rotten written", but not really let you pick up a pen to write something, just this kind of collocation is the heart of the remaining experience, as a fashion editor Veronika Heilbrunner is very competent, whether is its outfit or given stylish case always let a person feel very fresh!

    Elegant one-piece dress collocation Sports Leisure Canvas shoes but to mix and match the Drama Fashion Editor Veronika Heilbrunner most adept, everyone wear delicate high-heeled shoes, occasionally a mashup canvas shoes plunge in the crowd, how naive ah!