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    custom rhinestone transfers


    Want to have such a father Trump or a high IQ socialite Ivanka Trump?

    • Author:candy
    • Source:www.seaartrhinestone.com
    • Release on :2016-11-16
    The height of 180cm, 32D and 90-60-90 proud Haoru measurements are in addition to trump daughter too many Titles: Trump group executive vice president, jewelry designer, socialite, model.Ivanka Trump has seen the perfect life, is the biggest support Trump campaign.

    Even if you are not intesting with political, a world-wide news last week, that is "DT In The House" - Donald Trump successfully elected president of the United States, the White House. Although most people think that Hilary might be able to win the "war", did not think the trump has had the last laugh, of course it is with him behind the woman support inseparable, she is the daughter of trump--Ivanka Trump.

    Ivanka Trump have perfect life in the eyes of people and is the biggest support Trump campaign, beautiful, very popular, the level of speech than Hilary's daughter Chelsea is much higher. This seems like she did not comply with the general Cindy routine, money worship behavior has not been profligate, no idea of the scandal, career life without delay, and she husband Jared Kushner is a real estate tycoon husband family background.