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    We Went To The New York Pet Fashion Show

    • Author:Pauline
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-02-09
    This year, the New York Pet Fashion show celebrated its 10th anniversary. 2014's shindig was all about royalty with a focus on the woman who epitomized over-the-top: Marie Antoinette. That translated to dogs in rich brocades, fluffy ascots, trains longer than you'd think a purse dog could possibly handle, and more rhinestones than I think I'll ever see again in my entire life—in fact, the creator/designer of that $2.5 million Victoria's Secret bra ALSO created a diamond dog collar to be auctioned off for the occasion. 

     The section was helmed and designed by Ada Nieves, one of the event's co-chairs and the GENIUS behind the outfits our animal actors wore in those VMA reenactments we made a few years back. Knowing her previous work, we should have probably guessed that there would be some clever tricks up her sleeve, but since barely any humans wear clothes infused with LED technology (save, y'know, Katy Perry and Lady Gaga), this seemed at least a few years from ever reaching pups. Oh, how wrong we were.

     If you've ever been to an NYFW fashion show, you're familiar with the surprising brevity of most runway presentations. The invites stipulate one time, but that's just to get you in the door around then. The real show kicks off maybe 45 minutes later than the advertised start time and lasts a whopping 15 minutes (if even THAT). This show? Three hours of non-stop canine cuteness. 

    More than just a campy night of dogs in extravagant princess gowns with full embroidered skirts and teeny-tiny tiaras, though, the New York Pet Fashion show has a truly benevolent heart beating at the center of it all. This year's event was thrown to benefit the Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals as well as 150 participating shelters and rescue groups. Creating an opportunity to do good (while having fun) is the whole reason the show exists in the first place, and THAT is the best part. 

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