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    When Wedding meet Christmas

    • Author:Pauline
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-12-22
    Lead: Christmas trees, Christmas hats, Christmas balls, Christmas stockings, and red, green and white classic color, these are our familiar Christmas decoration elements. Then when the marriage meets pure, joyful Christmas will impact what kind of sparkle? Below let me show you some Christmas elements.

    1.Christmas balls

    Childlike colored Christmas balls for decorating wedding cakes, showing a strong Christmas atmosphere; and Christmas ball as a bride holding flowers appear at the ceremony, to subvert the traditional holding flowers fresh aesthetic, more of a dreamy colors . All in all decorative Christmas balls make the whole wedding atmosphere active again.

    As an essential element of Christmas - red bow, this symbolizes the youth and romantic Christmas wedding brides can not miss. Whether as a shoelace, nepotism, or decorations on the invitation card for the wedding are adding a hint of romantic young girls.
    Christmas tree counted on the protagonist, but as wedding Christmas elements, cut not overwhelming. Imitation wedding cake and Christmas trees styling wedding dress is a good choice, both bright spots, it will not become the protagonist of the wedding, grab a new style.

    4.Christmas fruit
    Christmas red fruit bright and compact, the most suitable for use as decorations. Christmas fruit bouquet inserted, like baby's breath, holding flowers make more three-dimensional; the Christmas fruit and leaf buckle in the glass, you can easily create chic and candlestick with Christmas flavor.

    Echinacea is a unique winter fruit, which was decorated in the wedding, meaning the mare go. Join in the back of pine cones and pine decorative elements, and then with a red ribbon or bow ribbon, Christmas feeling full. Echinacea "bouquet" with previous holding flowers with flowers as the main elements of very different, there is no aroma, and  a little bit elegance. Starry white dotted pine "bouquet" on the pine branches as snowflakes speckled very occasion.
    Snow is the symbol of winter, but also a symbol of Christmas specialties. Both red and white snowflake cake mapping the winter cold and solemn wedding, but also bring out the new form a couple festive and warm. Red ribbon as a wedding invitation decorated with snowflakes letter showed brisk and peaceful style, can render a festive atmosphere ahead of the wedding.

    7.Christmas socks
    Christmas stockings are fairy tale world of mysteries, Christmas morning, there will be a Christmas gift socks. Christmas stockings with pure moral will use at the wedding, but also to achieve unexpected results. Christmas stockings white lace as a decorative door, on behalf of the couple's innocence and holiness. Mini red woolen Christmas stockings white side can be used as cutlery sets, chic, absolutely can bring unique experience for the wedding.

    8. Christmas star
    Christmas star represents luck and good fortune, adding elements Christmas star in the wedding, it expressed a desire for a better life, new people happy. Whether it is used for decoration, or to make desserts can become a wedding in the CBD.