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    Who dress up for the “Cinderella”?

    • Author:Ann
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-07-13
    Who dress up for the “Cinderella”?

     “Cinderella”, a movie's seductive level is so high, is inseparable from behind the fashion designer, who won the Academy Award for Best Costume Design designer 3 times, Sandy Powell.

         Cinderella's blue dress was made of ten thousand crystal.


                  Vicious and glamorous stepmother

                                       Two "funny" sister

    The glass slipper is made by Swarovski, Sandy went to their Austrian headquarters custom designed 6 glass slipper for alternative. Unfortunately, Lily James can not wear the glass slipper, dress shoes  shooting, and then turn into the glass slipper we saw in the film by digital technology .

                 "Cinderella's costume is being exhibited abroad.

    Maybe you just know her, but believe me, this woman is not so simple! Sandy Powell was born in London in 1960, he graduated from Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Stage artists by Lindsay Kemp and the impact the movie "died Venice", began to get involved in the field of fashion design.

    Her first step in this filed is "Edward II", which is lead by Tilda - Swindon starring.

                                       Tilda - Swindon

    The second following article is "Orlando", the protagonist is still Tilda - Swindon. With this film, Sandy first time standed on the Oscar nominations.

    After that, she was so Talented. So far, she nominated for an Oscar 10 times, and by virtue of "Shakespeare in Love," "The Aviator," "The Young Victoria" won the trophy three times.

    You may say you have not seen "Shakespeare in Love" and "The Aviator," but this "Young Victoria," it was the most eye-catching a movie, play colorful costumes, people have applauded.

    Next you will see today's big coffee cooperation with Sandy, and now is not the actress winner, I do not know if they made a star Sandy or Sandy made them the stars.

    Below we disclose the following information in advance, Sandy's next work - "Carol," starring is still Kate - Blanchett, and dragon tattoo girl Luni - Mara join in the film. Costume design is the color out of place! This is definitely a visually seductive large, but image the impact of a seed film Oscar in 2016. Will Ms. Sandy nominated again whether it?

                                      Stills  of "Carol" 

                           Kate - Blanchett in  "Carol"