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    Winter Paris: seven kinds of Christmas joy (2)

    • Author:Pauline
    • Source:www.SeaArtRhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-10-29
    4.  children's entertainment

    If you take the kids to Paris, be sure to take these little guys go to some interesting places. Disneyland is a good choice, released here every day all kinds of performances and theater, can make children immersed in the joy of this fairy tale world. Large gardens and parks in Paris are also not to be missed, which organized puppet show also attracts children, the park also allows children to ride ponies, parents can also relax himself. Take the kids to climb into a Ferris wheel (Big Wheel) This idea is also worth a try, in the above can overlooking the beautiful panorama of Paris, the scenery spectacular.

    5.  Nativity performances

    Christians around the world every Christmas will participate in various activities to commemorate the birth of Jesus. Christmas Eve, each of the Cathedral of Paris will be some festive decorations, some imitating the biblical story, some based on local history, and some are even on the basis of a modern story laid out a variety of scenarios, large and small, very beautiful beautifully arranged scene amazing. Visitors can try to visit different big church, you can enjoy a traditional or modern or Baroque or performances. Notre-Dame Cathedral, Saint-Sulpice Church and Madeleine Church. The cathedral will prepare a new program every year. Fééries d'Auteuil will prepare a series of Christmas when the nativity performances, so crowded here.

    6. do not miss the show

    Paris is the French cultural center, so whenever the holidays approaching, Paris, evening entertainment also up more gradually. Paris not only has bright lights, shopping and playgrounds, as well as Moulin Rouge and Opera Bastille song and dance performances such centers. The circus is also very suitable for the whole family to watch together. Paris held every year worldwide Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain to find fresh blood. Circus has become an integral part of holiday activities. Cirque National Alexis Gruss, Cirque Pinder and The Cirque du Soleil are the most famous circus in Paris. If you happen to come to Paris in the winter, so be sure not to miss these places, where you can enjoy the most exciting performances for you to impress.

    7.  Paris Shopping Spree

    Between Paris is the world-famous shopping center, then now we arrived in the city, how can you miss the opportunity to shop. Although the Christmas market is a good shopping place, but the same can not miss major department stores. Flash wreath decorated shopping malls exports of windows placed in clean, noisy customer bustling, four filled with happy holiday atmosphere. French perfume and cosmetics known around the world took the opportunity to pick your friends on some small gifts, but in the first week in January, do not expect any major price any. The Galeries Lafayette, Le Bon Marche and Printemps department stores are a good place to shop in town.