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    seven fashion shows secret 2015 fashion trends

    • Author:Rita
    • Source:www.seaartrhinestone.com
    • Release on :2015-04-23
    seven fashion shows secret 2015 fashion trends

    1: Multi-element mix and match 

    From clothing to accessories, it is a diversified mix. T-shirt printing is stylish and atmosphere, necklace jewelry is avant-garde and exaggeration, beaded belts are chosen to highlight fashionable handsome,too. Phnom Penh lace pants and embroidered handbags composed of a diversified mix of fashion as well.

     2: Prints 

    If wearing a swimsuit, you have to choose the pattern printing beacuse of printing pattern can get more attention. Different patterns can be decorated a different beauty. Some artistic sense, some filled with fashion model, as well as a little small sexy. That is printed charm.

    3: Pearl decoration 

    Pearl of clothing can always show elegance and grace? If a suit is ful of all kinds of pearl, this suit looks more extravagant and elegance, and there is no doubt that the pearl can decorate a noble temperament.

    4: Lace design 

    Lace representative sexy and luxurious, but also full of feminine and tenderness. The design of a cake skirt and lotus pattern models with the lace fabric, etc., so it will be flowers are flowers, and expose a woman sexy beauty tenderness. 

    5: Wide tube pants 

    Wearing wide-legged pants give a fresh sense of the atmosphere, but to have a certain height. And wide-legged pants do not pick the legs, but also should match. It is OK to just wear a T-shirt slimming decent, and slightly exposed point on the curve. 

    6: Dress

     Lace Dress pattern, it gives you the perfect exposed collarbone, expose looming figure bueaty. Only underwear modesty and jewelry necklace embellishment is even more perfect. 

    7: T - Shirt Printing Photos 

    If you want to dress simple fashion in summer , with a pair of jeans and a T-shirt printed picture is OK. The design of T-shirt should be simple and the atmosphere, the design of jeans should have a hole, that is beautiful and fashiom with jewelry necklace embellishment.